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DOC: describe motivation for the feature

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......@@ -775,8 +775,17 @@ Attribute name matching and aliasing
Sometimes the type's C struct as specified in ``object_struct_name`` may use
different labels for the fields. For example we may have an extension module
different labels for the fields than those in the ``PyTypeObject``. This can
easily happen in hand-coded C extensions where the ``PyTypeObject_Foo`` has a
getter method, but the name does not match the name in the ``PyFooObject``. In
NumPy, for instance, python-level ``dtype.itemsize`` is a getter for the C
struct field ``elsize``. Cython supports aliasing field names so that one can
write ``dtype.itemsize`` in Cython code which will be compiled into direct
access of the C struct field, without going through a C-API equivalent of
For example we may have an extension
module ``foo_extension``::
cdef class Foo:
cdef public int field0, field1, field2;
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