Commit 96411e75 authored by Boxiang Sun's avatar Boxiang Sun

Add pritimive test file for nogil extension

Integrate into Cython test suite later
parent 5a11a252
from distutils.core import setup
from Cython.Build import cythonize
ext_modules = cythonize("test.pyx")
\ No newline at end of file
#cython: language_level = 3
from libc.stdio cimport printf
GOAL: implement nogil option in cdef class (extension types)
and native memory manager (refcount based) that does not
depend on cpython's memory manager and that does not require GIL.
HINT: look at C++ standard library (that works very nicely with Cython)
Cython documentation if here:
Basic usage:
Extension types:
Extension Types are the "pure cython" classes that I want to be able to
use without depending on cpython GIL (and in essence runtime, memory manager, etc.)
Cython memory allocation:
Explains how nogil is posisble in cython for anything that
only relies on C libraries that are multi-threaded
# cdef class SomeMemory:
cdef class SomeMemory nogil:
This is a cdef class which is also called
a extensino type. It is a kind of C struct
that also acts as a python object.
We would like to be able to define "nogil"
extension types:
cdef class SomeMemory nogil:
where all methods are "nogil" and memory
allocation does not depend on python runtime
cdef double a;
cdef double b;
cdef void foo(self) nogil:
It is possible to define native C/Cython methods
that release the GIL (cool...)
self.a = self.b
cdef void foo1(self, int a) nogil:
It is possible to define native C/Cython methods
that release the GIL (cool...)
self.a = a
cdef void foo3(self) nogil:
It is possible to define native C/Cython methods
that release the GIL (cool...)
# Not allowed to define pure Python function in the extension type with nogil option now
# since we want this extension type is CPython free
# def baz(self):
# """
# It is also possible to define standard python
# methods
# """
# pass
# cdef bar(): # it is currently impossible to release GIL
cdef int bar() nogil: # yet this is what we would like to
This is a pure "cython method" which we would like to
be able to declare with nogil option but this requires
to first introduce the concept of nogil in cdef class
cdef SomeMemory o = SomeMemory(42.0, 3.14) # for this we need class allocation to handle memory without libpython # and we need method selection to be independent of libpython
o.a = 1.0
return 0
cpdef baz():
This method is both callable from python and pure "cython".
It can call both cdef methods and usual python functions
# We call here a cpdef function, which calls a def function
# which then allocates cdef class SomeMemory
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