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DOC: document the new check_size clause

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......@@ -80,6 +80,10 @@ Features added
* Constants in ``libc.math`` are now declared as ``const`` to simplify their handling.
* An additional ``check_size`` clause was added to the ``ctypedef class`` name
specification to allow suppressing warnings when importing modules with
backward-compatible `PyTypeObject`` size changes.
Bugs fixed
......@@ -736,6 +736,14 @@ built-in complex object.::
} PyComplexObject;
At runtime, a check will be performed when importing the cython
c-extension module that ``__builtin__.complex``'s ``tp_basicsize``
matches ``sizeof(`PyComplexObject)``. This check can fail if in the cython
c-extension module was compiled with one version of the
``complexobject.h`` header but imported into a python with a changed
header. This check can be tweaked by using ``check_size`` in the name
specification clause.
2. As well as the name of the extension type, the module in which its type
object can be found is also specified. See the implicit importing section
......@@ -756,11 +764,23 @@ The part of the class declaration in square brackets is a special feature only
available for extern or public extension types. The full form of this clause
[object object_struct_name, type type_object_name ]
[object object_struct_name, type type_object_name, check_size cs_option]
- ``object_struct_name`` is the name to assume for the type's C struct.
- ``type_object_name`` is the name to assume for the type's statically
declared type object.
- ``cs_option`` is ``'min'`` (the default), ``True``, or ``False`` and is only
used for external extension types. If ``True``, ``sizeof(object_struct)`` must
match the type's ``tp_basicsize``. If ``False``, or ``min``, the
``object_struct`` may be smaller than the type's ``tp_basicsize``, which
indicates the type allocated at runtime may be part of an updated module, and
that the external module's developers extended the object in a
backward-compatible fashion (only adding new fields to the end of the
object). If ``min``, a warning will be emitted.
where ``object_struct_name`` is the name to assume for the type's C struct,
and type_object_name is the name to assume for the type's statically declared
type object. (The object and type clauses can be written in either order.)
The clauses can be written in any order.
If the extension type declaration is inside a :keyword:`cdef` extern from
block, the object clause is required, because Cython must be able to generate
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