Commit 4349e7a8 authored by Thomas Gambier's avatar Thomas Gambier 🚴🏼

Revert "Use latest version of apache-frontend for standalone installations"

See merge request nexedi/slapos.package!126
parents 00907221 be984e62
# Important note regarding frontend_software_release_url
# Please do not change the defined software release here, as only some
# versions of the software are known to be working.
# If the change is needed, then one needs to manually:
# * assure that apache-frontend can be correctly installed (w/o shared)
# * assure that apache-frontend can be instantiated with parameters similar
# to ones used in the playbooks
# * release new version
# * upload it to binary cache
# * then change here
firewall_setup_template: setup-firewall.j2
frontend_master_reference: master-frn-{{ playbook_name }}
frontend_slave_reference: slave-srn-{{ playbook_name }}
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