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    • CMFActivity: Get rid of an outdated comment. · bc65ba72
      The original need to touch this comment is that it mentions now-removed
      Folder_reindexObjectList script. But also:
      - it mentions multi-ZEO setups, which are now discouraged if favour of
        using NEO
      - it mentions pre-conceived optimisations, which can be wrong and hence
        misleading (up-to-date measures are needed before deciding what to
      - it mentions a number of activity nodes which is nowadays exceeded
        without seeing any obvious issue caused by activity table deadlocks
        (which are nevertheless still likely an issue, just not yet breaking
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • all: Get rid of Folder_reindex{All,Objectlist,TreeObjectList} · e944e1ef
      These are now superseded by recursiveReindexObject.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • all: Remove recursiveImmediateReindexObject, and references to it. · c0b284be
      This method does not belong to Folder (nor Base, even as an alias), as
      it recurses wihout any limit in a tree whose node count is unknown.
      Such generic recursion should either be deferred (split in multiple
      transactions, each processing a limited chunk of the tree) or not be
      recursive (which of course depends on the need).
      There is a single caller left (constructInstance) where the subtree size
      is assumed to be reasonable, as it was constructed inside current
      transaction. So essentially rename this method so it is only used in such
      Vincent Pelletier committed
  12. 03 Jul, 2018 9 commits
    • Base: Add isSubtreeIndexable and isAncestryIndexable · 5c4c69a0
      isAncestryIndexable is a parent-recursive version of isIndexable: it
      will return False if any parent is non-indeable. This simplifies
      disabling indexation of an entire tree, from its root to its deepest
      isSubtreeIndexable allows preventing any subobject from being indexable,
      without having to mark each individual subobject as non-indexable. This
      is different from isAncestryIndexable, as it allows having an indexable
      root, but no children indexable. This is especially useful for Trash Bins,
      where the bin itself should be indexable (because there is no reason not to)
      but its content must not be indexed, while being left as it was found in its
      original location.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • Folder: Make recursiveReindexObject scalable by calling _recurseCallMethod. · babbf56f
      Should make Folder_reindexAll and most custom indexation methods obsolete.
      Remaining valid reindexation methods are:
      - reindexObject: for a single document, which may contain subdocuments
        which indexation is not necessary
      - recursiveReindexobject: for any subtree of documents
      - ERP5Site_reindexAll: for site-wide reindexations, as there is a semantic-
        dependent indexation order.
      Also, uniformise and factorise spawning immediateReindexObject.
      - testSupply: Drop check for the previous magic threshold.
        _recurseCallMethod takes care of it all now.
      - testXMLMatrix: Let activities execute before changing cell id.
        This works only because recursiveReindexObject on the matrix spawns a
        single recursiveImmediateReindexObject activity on that context. Now,
        up to 1k immediateReindexObject activities (for the first 1k sub-objects)
        are spawned immediately, preventing their renaming immediately after
        So let test wait for indexation before trying to rename.
      - testERP5Security: More activities are now spawned immediately, adapt.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • all: Replace after_path_and_method_id on reindexation methods by after_tag · 028c9ad7
      after_method_id is too aggressive a dependency.
      after_path_and_method_id is marginally better, but is bad practice
      nevertheless, as such activity dependencies remain very hard to introspect.
      Tags allow more variations, and are hence easier to follow.
      Also, add XXX comments when (recursive) reindexation is only added to
      represent the dependency, without certainty that a reindexation is actually
      needed per-se: maybe another place in the code chould just appropriately
      tag its reindexation activities instead, saving at least the cost of
      spawning one more activity set, and at most the cost of actually
      reindexing these documents.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • ERP5Site: Do reindex the whole site after creation. · 9d9e4bbc
      Also, drop isIndexable instance property, unmasking class property, which
      already has the value we need.
      Also, factorise catalog clearing by reusing ERP5Site_reindexAll's.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • CategoryTool: Become a BaseTool subclass. · 4b25512d
      Allows having a more consistent API between this tool and all other
      Nexedi-maintained tools.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • ActivityTool: Inherit from BaseTool. · c3de53b8
      Reduces code duplication.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • ActivityTool: Do not mark as non-indexable. · c2ebc937
      portal_activities contains documents which need to be (and are) indexed.
      For consistency, the tool itself should be indexable.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • EPR5Type.Core.Folder: Actually add support for OFS.Folder. · b9202251
      So it is not just an unused constant (OFS_HANDLER) and no implementation.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
    • ERP5Type.Core.Folder: Simplify proxy methods. · 8dcfdf4f
      Also, clarify what exactly was the broken BTree marker value, fixing
      isBTree accessor. Update associated tests.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
  13. 02 Jul, 2018 1 commit