Cython wrapper for the LWAN HTTP server

This project is a proof of concept which aims at making an efficient multi-core Python HTTP server. LWAN, written in C, is running under the hood. Cython is used to wrap it into a Python module.

A blog post explains the process in more details.



LWAN must be installed on your machine as a library. To do so, you can either follow the instructions from the LWAN repository or run install_lwan.sh if you are feeling lazy. In any case, make sure to have the required dependencies installed before.

Then, install Cython using pip:

pip3 install cython

Compile and run

A simple Makefile automates the building and running part:

make run

Your server should be listening on


A Go HTTP server is also provided for comparison. It uses two different implementations:

Implementation How to run it
net/http go run golang/server.go -fast=0
fasthttp go run golang/server.go -fast=1