Commit 6a893b8d authored by Tomáš Peterka's avatar Tomáš Peterka Committed by Tomáš Peterka

[json_style] Add FormBoxField to getHateoas and refactor json_style/Base_edit

parent a5a2f1cd
This script validates a form to the current REQUEST,
processes the REQUEST to extract form data and editors,
then updates the current context with the form data
by calling edit on it or by invoking editors.
"""Handle form - REQUEST interaction.
- Validate a form to the current REQUEST
- Extract form data and editors from REQUEST,
- Update current context with form data by calling edit or invoking editors
:param silent: int (0|1) means that the edit action is not invoked by a form
submit but rather by an internal code thus the return value
contains as much usefull info as possible
TODO: split the generic form validation logic
from the context update logic
......@@ -36,7 +40,7 @@ if not silent_mode and not request.AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_permission('Modify por
# Validate
form.validate_all_to_request(request, key_prefix=key_prefix)
except FormValidationError, validation_errors:
except FormValidationError as validation_errors:
# Pack errors into the request
field_errors = form.ErrorFields(validation_errors)
request.set('field_errors', field_errors)
......@@ -51,37 +55,39 @@ except FormValidationError, validation_errors:
return context.ERP5Document_getHateoas(form=form, REQUEST=request, mode='form')
def editListBox(listbox_field, listbox):
""" Function called to edit a listbox
if listbox is not None:
gv = {}
if listbox_field.has_value('global_attributes'):
hidden_attributes = map(lambda x:x[0], listbox_field.get_value('global_attributes'))
for k in hidden_attributes:
gv[k] = getattr(request, k, None)
for url, v in listbox.items():
# Form: '' -> ERP5: None
encapsulated_editor_list = []
cleaned_v = {}
for key, value in v.items():
if hasattr(value, 'edit'):
if value == '':
value = None
cleaned_v[key] = value
if cleaned_v:
if listbox_edit is None:
obj = context.restrictedTraverse(url)
obj.edit(edit_order=edit_order, **cleaned_v)
listbox_edit(url, edit_order, cleaned_v)
"""Go through every item in the listbox and call its `edit` with modified values."""
if listbox is None:
# extract hidden (global) attributes from request to be used in listbox's update
global_attr = {hidden_key: getattr(request, hidden_key, None)
for hidden_key, _ in listbox_field.get_value('global_attributes')} \
if listbox_field.has_value('global_attributes') \
else {}
for item_url, item_value in listbox.items():
# Form: '' -> ERP5: None
editor_list = []
value_dict = {}
for key, value in item_value.items():
# for every value decide whether it is an attribute or an editor
if hasattr(value, 'edit'):
value_dict[key] = value if value != '' else None
if value_dict:
if listbox_edit is None:
obj = context.restrictedTraverse(item_url)
obj.edit(edit_order=edit_order, **value_dict)
for editor in editor_list:
listbox_edit(item_url, edit_order, value_dict)
for encapsulated_editor in encapsulated_editor_list:
def editMatrixBox(matrixbox_field, matrixbox):
""" Function called to edit a Matrix box
......@@ -184,43 +190,24 @@ def editMatrixBox(matrixbox_field, matrixbox):
return "Cell %s does not exist" % str(k)
field_prefix_len = len(field_prefix)
def parseField(f):
Parse given form field, to put them in
kw or in encapsulated_editor_list
k =
if f.has_value('alternate_name'):
k = f.get_value('alternate_name') or
v = getattr(request, k, MARKER)
if hasattr(v, 'edit'):
# This is an encapsulated editor
# call it
elif v is not MARKER:
if k.startswith(field_prefix):
# We only take into account
# the object attributes
k = k[field_prefix_len:]
# Form: '' -> ERP5: None
if v == '':
v = None
kw[k] = v
# Some initilizations
kw = {}
encapsulated_editor_list = []
edit_kwargs = {} # keyword arguments for `edit` function on context
encapsulated_editor_list = [] # editors placed inside REQUEST object
MARKER = [] # placeholder for an empty value
message = Base_translateString("Data updated.")
# We process all the field in form and
# we check if they are in the request,
# then we edit them
# extract all listbox's object form fields from the request and `edit` the object
for field in form.get_fields():
# Dispatch field either to `edit_kwargs` (in case of simple fields) or to `encapsulated_editor_list` in case of editors
field_name = if not field.has_value('alternate_name') else (field.get_value('alternate_name') or
field_value = getattr(request, field_name, MARKER)
if hasattr(field_value, 'edit'):
# field is an encapsulated editor; call it later
elif field_value is not MARKER and field_name.startswith(field_prefix):
# object own attribute (fix value Form: '' -> ERP5: None)
edit_kwargs[field_name[len(field_prefix):]] = field_value if field_value != '' else None
## XXX We need to find a way not to use meta_type.
field_meta_type = field.meta_type
......@@ -229,19 +216,19 @@ try:
if(field_meta_type == 'ListBox'):
editListBox(field, request.get(
elif(field_meta_type == 'MatrixBox'):
if(field_meta_type == 'MatrixBox'):
editMatrixBox(field, request.get(
# Return parsed values
if silent_mode: return (kw, encapsulated_editor_list), 'edit'
if silent_mode: return (edit_kwargs, encapsulated_editor_list), 'edit'
# Maybe we should build a list of objects we need
# Update basic attributes
context.edit(REQUEST=request, edit_order=edit_order, **kw)
context.edit(REQUEST=request, edit_order=edit_order, **edit_kwargs)
for encapsulated_editor in encapsulated_editor_list:
except ActivityPendingError,e:
message = Base_translateString("%s" % e)
except ActivityPendingError as e:
message = Base_translateString(str(e))
if message_only:
return message
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