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      Add/Fix URL columns on some views · f324043a
      Guillaume Hervier authored
      I added and fixed some URL columns on some views:
      - `slapos_cloud/ComputerUsage_view`
      - `slapos_cloud/HostingSubscription_view`
      The goal is to make the process to look for the needed informations faster by reducing clicks between views on listbox objects, by making some changes such as clicking on an object name on a column should redirect to the object view page instead of the row's object view page.
      Additionally, these changes are made to be compatible with the RenderJS UI.
      As this is not the default behaviour in ERP5, it may sound counter-intuitive, but this special behaviour is made to improve efficiency/productivity over intuitivity.
      Personally, I wondered about having some "compromise" which is having the "Plane" icon on these columns beside the content to clearly indicate that this icon will redirect to the object's view (as the current "Plane icon" behaviour in ERP5)
      /reviewed-on nexedi/slapos.core!89
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