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      MR on Fork multiple fixes · 489fa5d7
      Izaak Alpert authored
      -Disable observers post test run
      -Allow db:seed_fu RAILS_ENV=test to be run more than once without error
      -fix diffs_in_between, was passing in the default_options for grit, but grit in this case doesn't take options, fixed the test to actually fail if the incorrect diffs are returned
      -make notes/commits render against proper project
      -MR discussion file links should reference note's project
      -Added tests for commit links on edit merge request
      -fixes edit issues (canceling an edited mr, updating an edited mr)
      -updates tests with checks for source code updates
      -still forked_merge_requests.feature (project_forked_merge_requests) test not passing (commented out -- "stable" not being set)
      MR API: error on bad target_project
      -If the target project id is specified and it is not the same as the project the request is being made on (the source), and the it isn't a fork of that project, error out, otherwise use it as the target
      -Fixes some busted (but hidden) test cases
      Change-Id: I20e595c156d0e8a63048baaead7be6330c738a05
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      Merge Request on forked projects · 3d7194f0
      Izaak Alpert authored
      The good:
       - You can do a merge request for a forked commit and it will merge properly (i.e. it does work).
       - Push events take into account merge requests on forked projects
       - Tests around merge_actions now present, spinach, and other rspec tests
       - Satellites now clean themselves up rather then recreate
      The questionable:
       - Events only know about target projects
       - Project's merge requests only hold on to MR's where they are the target
       - All operations performed in the satellite
      The bad:
        -  Duplication between project's repositories and satellites (e.g. commits_between)
      (for reference: http://feedback.gitlab.com/forums/176466-general/suggestions/3456722-merge-requests-between-projects-repos)
      Make test repos/satellites only create when needed
      -Spinach/Rspec now only initialize test directory, and setup stubs (things that are relatively cheap)
      -project_with_code, source_project_with_code, and target_project_with_code now create/destroy their repos individually
      -fixed remote removal
      -How to merge renders properly
      -Update emails to show project/branches
      -Edit MR doesn't set target branch
      -Fix some failures on editing/creating merge requests, added a test
      -Added back a test around merge request observer
      -Clean up project_transfer_spec, Remove duplicate enable/disable observers
      -Ensure satellite lock files are cleaned up, Attempted to add some testing around these as well
      -Signifant speed ups for tests
      -Update formatting ordering in notes_on_merge_requests
      -Remove wiki schema update
      Fixes for search/search results
      -Search results was using by_project for a list of projects, updated this to use in_projects
      -updated search results to reference the correct (target) project
      -udpated search results to print both sides of the merge request
      Change-Id: I19407990a0950945cc95d62089cbcc6262dab1a8
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