Commit 76c05ae8 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

runner: force instantiation of partitions on manual action

With nexedi/slapos.core!125,
this is not the case anymore by default.

This commit does not nothing when using older slapproxy.

/reviewed-on nexedi/slapos.toolbox!62
parent b5cc2bee
......@@ -902,11 +902,20 @@ def buildAndRun(config):
def runSlapgridUntilSuccess(config, step):
def runSlapgridUntilSuccess(config, step, bang=False):
"""Run slapos several times,
in the maximum of the constant MAX_RUN_~~~~"""
params = getBuildAndRunParams(config)
if step == "instance":
if bang:
# We'd prefer that 'node instance' is invoked with --all but that's
# not possible with current design. The alternative is to bang,
# assuming that the requested partition is partition 0.
slap = slapos.slap.slap()
partition = slap.registerComputerPartition(
config['computer_id'], 'slappart0')
partition.bang('manual instantiation')
max_tries = (params['max_run_instance'] if params['run_instance'] else 0)
runSlapgridWithLock = runInstanceWithLock
elif step == "software":
......@@ -938,7 +947,7 @@ def runSlapgridUntilSuccess(config, step):
# run instance only if we are deploying the software release,
# if it is defined so, and sr is correctly deployed
if step == "software" and params['run_instance'] and slapgrid == 0:
return (max_tries, runSlapgridUntilSuccess(config, "instance"))
return (max_tries, runSlapgridUntilSuccess(config, "instance", bang))
return max_tries
......@@ -161,7 +161,8 @@ def removeSoftware():
def runSoftwareProfile():
_thread.start_new_thread(runSlapgridUntilSuccess, (app.config, "software"))
(app.config, "software", True))
return jsonify(result=True)
......@@ -234,7 +235,8 @@ def removeInstance():
def runInstanceProfile():
if not os.path.exists(app.config['instance_root']):
_thread.start_new_thread(runSlapgridUntilSuccess, (app.config, "instance"))
(app.config, "instance", True))
return jsonify(result=True)
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