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    NEO/go licensing · 612d556d
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    We want to make sure the code can be used by all projects without a
    problem. This way the license is GPLv3+ with wide exception for all Free
    Software / Open Source projects + Business options.
    Nexedi stack is licensed under Free Software licenses with various exceptions
    that cover three business cases:
    - Free Software
    - Proprietary Software
    - Rebranding
    As long as one intends to develop Free Software based on Nexedi stack, no
    license cost is involved. Developing proprietary software based on Nexedi stack
    may require a proprietary exception license. Rebranding Nexedi stack is
    prohibited unless rebranding license is acquired.
    Through this licensing approach, Nexedi expects to encourage Free Software
    development without restrictions and at the same time create a framework for
    proprietary software to contribute to the long term sustainability of the
    Nexedi stack.
    Please see https://www.nexedi.com/licensing for details, rationale and options.
    ( NEO/py for now stays at the old terms but it will be upgraded to the same
      terms as NEO/go eventually )
This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0. Learn more