Commit e0d875bc authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

X neotest: Teach it to benchmark NEO with storage partitioned to several nodes

With default still being 1 partition. To be tested on field. Benchplot
to be updated for new benchmark namings.
parent 70c63882
......@@ -346,9 +346,18 @@ func (p *Node) dial(ctx context.Context) (_ *neonet.NodeLink, err error) {
case accept.YourUUID != app.MyInfo.UUID:
err = fmt.Errorf("connected, but peer gives us uuid %v (our is %v)", accept.YourUUID, app.MyInfo.UUID)
// XXX Node.Dial is currently used by Client only.
// XXX For Client it would be not correct to check #partition only at
// XXX connection time, but it has to be also checked after always as every
// XXX operation could coincide with cluster reconfiguration.
// FIXME for now we simply don't check N(p)
// XXX NumReplicas: neo/py meaning for n(replica) = `n(real-replica) - 1`
case !(accept.NumPartitions == 1 && accept.NumReplicas == 0):
err = fmt.Errorf("connected but TODO peer works with !1x1 partition table.")
if err != nil {
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