Commit f2ea4be2 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Merge "mysql: workaround for MDEV-20693"

parents a1418c9d 70387981
......@@ -781,11 +781,19 @@ class MySQLDatabaseManager(DatabaseManager):
if max_tid is not None:
sql += " AND tid <= %d" % max_tid
q = self.query
q("DELETE FROM trans" + sql)
if q("SELECT 1 FROM trans%s LIMIT 1" % sql):
q("DELETE FROM trans" + sql)
else:"Nothing to truncate in trans for partition %s",
sql = " FROM obj" + sql
data_id_list = [x for x, in q(
"SELECT DISTINCT data_id%s AND data_id IS NOT NULL" % sql)]
q("DELETE" + sql)
if q("SELECT 1%s LIMIT 1" % sql):
q("DELETE" + sql)
else:"Nothing to truncate in obj for partition %s",
def getTransaction(self, tid, all = False):
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