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    test: add a test for zodb commmad and help driver · 2d94ae9d
    Jérome Perrin authored
    kirr: factor running `zodb ...` into zodbrun + add test for `zodb -h`.
    Added test currently passes on py2, but fails on py3:
    	out = <_io.TextIOWrapper encoding='UTF-8'>
    	    def usage(out):
    	    Zodb is a tool for managing ZODB databases.
    	        zodb command [arguments]
    	    The commands are:
    	    """, file=out)
    	        cmdv = command_dict.keys()
    	>       cmdv.sort()
    	E       AttributeError: 'dict_keys' object has no attribute 'sort'
    	zodbtools/zodb.py:55: AttributeError
    It will be fixed in the next patch.