Commit 60a367cc authored by Levin Zimmermann's avatar Levin Zimmermann

wcfs: Fix fusermount for NEO storage \w > 1 master

We use the zuri for the FsName. The NEO uri contains commas if the
respective cluster uses more than one master node [1]. Unfortunately
fusermount doesn't support commas in mount options, because mount
options are separated from each other by commas [2], [3]. Therefore before
this patch WCFS failed to mount the filesystem if the NEO cluster had
more than one master: this failure is fixed now.

parent 63153845
......@@ -2466,7 +2466,14 @@ func _main() (err error) {
opts := &fuse.MountOptions{
FsName: zurl,
// Replace prohibited commas with semicolon (they are used
// for separating our masters from each other).
// Unfortunately fusermount uses commas to separate mountoptions
// from each other [1]. Escaping FsName with either " or ' or \"
// doesn't help, so lets simply replace all commas with ";".
// [1]
FsName: strings.Replace(zurl, ",", ";", -1),
Name: "wcfs",
// We retrieve kernel cache in ZBlk.blksize chunks, which are 2MB in size.
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