Commit 4465b69e authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

slapos_web: invoke form validation during service phase.

this will expose default values which are wrongly inputed.
parent 75ad8e52
......@@ -688,6 +688,10 @@
.declareService(function () {\n
return loadEventList(this);\n
.declareService(function () {\n
var g = this;\n
return g.processValidation(g.options.json_url);\n
}(window, document, rJS, loopEventListener, $, XMLSerializer, jQuery, vkbeautify));
......@@ -827,7 +831,7 @@
<key> <string>serial</string> </key>
<value> <string>941.57620.30931.17305</string> </value>
<value> <string>941.57622.23194.30685</string> </value>
<key> <string>state</string> </key>
......@@ -845,7 +849,7 @@
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