Commit e47f066c authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

Release 0.70

parent ee2bd64e
0.70 (2017-08-18)
* monitor: Handle empty files case before parse json.
* monitor: Prevent to run collect when another instance is running
* monitor: Set timeout when getting sub monitor title
* monitor: Fix the report content output
* monitor: Allow to view and modify empty monitor config parameter
* qemu backup: Check running job exit after a timeout
* apachedex: Initial commit of the wrapper
* agent: Handle not found Software Installation
* agent: test_mapping should containts all the tests on each groups
0.69 (2017-06-01)
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from setuptools import setup, find_packages
import glob
import os
version = '0.69'
version = '0.70'
name = 'slapos.toolbox'
long_description = open("README.rst").read() + "\n"
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