Commit a8c7b90b authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

component/caddy: Switch to nxd-v0.11.5-4-g9d3151db

This reverts commit 6d2019b9, as new caddy
has issues with tls certificate configuration:

About nxd-v0.11.5-4-g9d3151db:

 * not released yet functionality for regular expression cookie rewriting
   is available:

 * not released yet functionality for ca_certifices in proxy:

 * support for builtin log rotation disabling
parent 4c75827f
extends =
parts =
# Caddy 1.x+ uses go modules, for which gowork does not work yet
golang = ${golang1.12:location}
install =
command = :
depends =
# revision and repository can be used to control which caddy version is used
revision = 0c3d90ed21a4df1b5e75ff4d5f908fd3018f902c
repository =
recipe = plone.recipe.command
update-command = ${:command}
stop-on-error = True
# GO111MODULE=on enables go modules support
# the chmod is needed as modules are fetched with u-w
command =
. ${} &&
cd ${gowork:directory} &&
export GO111MODULE=on &&
go get ${:repository}@${:revision} &&
chmod -R u+w .
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
path = ${go_github.com_mholt_caddy:location}
go = ${gowork:golang}/bin/go
configure-command = :
make-targets =
make-binary = cd ${:path}/caddy && ${:go} install -v
environment =
output = ${gowork:bin}/caddy
location = ${:output}
# Code generated by gowork-snapshot; DO NOT EDIT.
# list of go git repositories to fetch
depends_gitfetch =
<= go-git-package
go.importpath =
repository =
revision = nxd-v0.11.5-4-g9d3151db
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