Commit 7f48c102 authored by Rusty Russell's avatar Rusty Russell

web: Create webpages-unchecked target for running on server.

Signed-off-by: 's avatarRusty Russell <>
parent 73930140
# This can be overridden on cmdline to generate pages elsewhere.
ALL_PAGES=$(patsubst %, $(WEBDIR)/info/%.html, $(MODS))
DIRECT_TARBALLS=$(patsubst %, $(WEBDIR)/tarballs/%.tar.bz2, $(MODS))
......@@ -21,7 +21,9 @@ modcheck:
[ "$(WEBDEV)" ] || ! git status --porcelain | grep .
webpages: modcheck clean-tree $(WEB_SUBDIRS) $(PRETTIFY) $(WEBDIR)/index.html $(WEBDIR)/upload.html $(WEBDIR)/uploader.php $(WEBDIR)/example-config.h $(WEBDIR)/ccan.png $(WEBDIR)/ccan-bg.png $(WEBDIR)/ccan.css $(DIRECT_TARBALLS) $(DEPEND_TARBALLS) $(WEBDIR)/ccan.tar.bz2 $(WEBDIR)/Makefile-ccan $(ALL_PAGES) junkpages
webpages: modcheck clean-tree webpages-unchecked
webpages-unchecked: $(WEB_SUBDIRS) $(PRETTIFY) $(WEBDIR)/index.html $(WEBDIR)/upload.html $(WEBDIR)/uploader.php $(WEBDIR)/example-config.h $(WEBDIR)/ccan.png $(WEBDIR)/ccan-bg.png $(WEBDIR)/ccan.css $(DIRECT_TARBALLS) $(DEPEND_TARBALLS) $(WEBDIR)/ccan.tar.bz2 $(WEBDIR)/Makefile-ccan $(ALL_PAGES) junkpages
junkpages: $(WEBDIR)/list.html $(WEBDIR)/junkcode $(JUNKPAGES) $(JUNKBALLS)
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