Commit 3807ace8 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

fstail: print the txn offset and header size, instead of only the data offset


    2016-07-01 09:41:50.416574: hash=d7101c5ee7b8e412d7b6d54873204421e09b7f34
    user='' description='' length=1629 offset=58990284


    2016-07-01 09:41:50.416574: hash=d7101c5ee7b8e412d7b6d54873204421e09b7f34
    user='' description='' length=1629 offset=58990261 (+23)

The structure of a FileStorage DB is such that it's easy to revert the last
transactions, by truncating the file at the right offset. With the above
change, `fstail` can now be used to get this offset.

In the above example:

    truncate -s 58990261 Data.fs

would delete the transaction and all those after.
parent 75bae1a6
......@@ -67,9 +67,14 @@ class TxnHeader:
self._ext =
self.ext = loads(self._ext)
def get_offset(self):
return self._pos
def __len__(self):
return TRANS_HDR_LEN + self.user_len + self.descr_len + self.ext_len
def get_data_offset(self):
return (self._pos + TRANS_HDR_LEN + self.user_len + self.descr_len
+ self.ext_len)
return self._pos + len(self)
def get_timestamp(self):
return TimeStamp(self.tid)
......@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ def main(path, ntxn):
print("%s: hash=%s" % (th.get_timestamp(),
print(("user=%r description=%r length=%d offset=%d"
% (th.user, th.descr, th.length, th.get_data_offset())))
print(("user=%r description=%r length=%d offset=%d (+%d)"
% (th.user, th.descr, th.length, th.get_offset(), len(th))))
th = th.prev_txn()
i -= 1
......@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@ Now lets have a look at the last transactions of this FileStorage:
>>> from ZODB.scripts.fstail import main
>>> main(storagefile, 5)
2007-11-10 15:18:48.543001: hash=b16422d09fabdb45d4e4325e4b42d7d6f021d3c3
user='' description='' length=132 offset=185
user='' description='' length=132 offset=162 (+23)
2007-11-10 15:18:48.543001: hash=b16422d09fabdb45d4e4325e4b42d7d6f021d3c3
user='' description='initial database creation' length=150 offset=52
user='' description='initial database creation' length=150 offset=4 (+48)
Now clean up the storage again:
......@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@ checker = zope.testing.renormalizing.RENormalizing([
# Python 3 produces larger pickles, even when we use zodbpickle :(
# this changes all the offsets and sizes in fstail.txt
(re.compile("user='' description='' "
"length=[0-9]+ offset=[0-9]+"),
"length=[0-9]+ offset=[0-9]+ \(\+23\)"),
"user='' description='' "
"length=<LENGTH> offset=<OFFSET>"),
"length=<LENGTH> offset=<OFFSET> (+23)"),
(re.compile("user='' description='initial database creation' "
"length=[0-9]+ offset=[0-9]+"),
"length=[0-9]+ offset=4 \(\+48\)"),
"user='' description='initial database creation' "
"length=<<LENGTH> offset=<OFFSET>"),
"length=<LENGTH> offset=4 (+48)"),
def test_suite():
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