Commit 6a7d20fc authored by Jim Fulton's avatar Jim Fulton Committed by Julien Muchembled

use buildout to build so we don't have 2 environments to manage

This is also a workaround for pypa/setuptools#864, since the default pypy3 on
Travis is quite old.

(cherry picked from commit def73970
                       and 5dcca55e)
parent ee291e45
......@@ -8,25 +8,12 @@ python:
- 3.4
- 3.5
# First install a newer pip so that it can use the wheel cache
# (only needed until travis upgrades pip to 7.x; note that the 3.5
# environment uses pip 7.1 by default).
- travis_retry pip install -U pip
# A newer wheel is also needed under Python 3, but only after we have
# a newer pip to take advantage of the cache.
- travis_retry pip install -U wheel
# Then start installing our deps so they can be cached. Note that use of --build-options / --global-options / --install-options
# disables the cache.
- travis_retry pip install -U manuel zope.testing zope.testrunner
- travis_retry pip install -U -e .
- pip install zc.buildout
- buildout
- zope-testrunner -u --test-path=src --auto-color --auto-progress
- zope-testrunner -f --test-path=src --auto-color --auto-progress
- bin/test -v1j99
email: false
# cache: pip seems not to work if `install` is replaced (
- $HOME/.cache/pip
- rm -f $HOME/.cache/pip/log/debug.log
- eggs
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