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Merge pull request #89 from zopefoundation/undo-refactor

Refactored FileStorage transactional undo
parents e080bdcc b563487e
......@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@
Change History
4.4.3 (unreleased)
- Internal FileStorage-undo fixes that should allow undo in some cases
where it didn't work before.
4.4.2 (2016-07-08)
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@ import six
import zope.interface
from ZODB.POSException import ConflictError
from ZODB.loglevels import BLATHER
from ZODB._compat import BytesIO, PersistentUnpickler, PersistentPickler, _protocol
from ZODB._compat import (
BytesIO, PersistentUnpickler, PersistentPickler, _protocol)
# Subtle: Python 2.x has pickle.PicklingError and cPickle.PicklingError,
# and these are unrelated classes! So we shouldn't use pickle.PicklingError,
......@@ -73,7 +74,8 @@ def state(self, oid, serial, prfactory, p=''):
p = p or self.loadSerial(oid, serial)
p = self._crs_untransform_record_data(p)
file = BytesIO(p)
unpickler = PersistentUnpickler(find_global, prfactory.persistent_load, file)
unpickler = PersistentUnpickler(
find_global, prfactory.persistent_load, file)
unpickler.load() # skip the class tuple
return unpickler.load()
......@@ -241,7 +243,8 @@ def tryToResolveConflict(self, oid, committedSerial, oldSerial, newpickle,
prfactory = PersistentReferenceFactory()
newpickle = self._crs_untransform_record_data(newpickle)
file = BytesIO(newpickle)
unpickler = PersistentUnpickler(find_global, prfactory.persistent_load, file)
unpickler = PersistentUnpickler(
find_global, prfactory.persistent_load, file)
meta = unpickler.load()
if isinstance(meta, tuple):
klass = meta[0]
......@@ -787,13 +787,15 @@ class FileStorage(
"""Return the tid, data pointer, and data for the oid record at pos
if tpos:
pos = tpos - self._pos - self._thl
itpos = tpos - self._pos - self._thl
pos = tpos
tpos = self._tfile.tell()
h = self._tfmt._read_data_header(pos, oid)
h = self._tfmt._read_data_header(itpos, oid)
afile = self._tfile
h = self._read_data_header(pos, oid)
afile = self._file
if h.oid != oid:
raise UndoError("Invalid undo transaction id", oid)
......@@ -830,7 +832,7 @@ class FileStorage(
pointer 0.
copy = 1 # Can we just copy a data pointer
copy = True # Can we just copy a data pointer
# First check if it is possible to undo this record.
tpos = self._tindex.get(oid, 0)
......@@ -838,36 +840,55 @@ class FileStorage(
tipos = tpos or ipos
if tipos != pos:
# Eek, a later transaction modified the data, but,
# maybe it is pointing at the same data we are.
ctid, cdataptr, cdata = self._undoDataInfo(oid, ipos, tpos)
# The transaction being undone isn't current because:
# a) A later transaction was committed ipos != pos, or
# b) A change was made in the current transaction. This
# could only be a previous undo in a multi-undo.
# (We don't allow multiple data managers with the same
# storage to participate in the same transaction.)
assert tipos > pos
# Get current data, as identified by tipos. We'll use
# it to decide if and how we can undo in this case.
ctid, cdataptr, current_data = self._undoDataInfo(oid, ipos, tpos)
if cdataptr != pos:
# We aren't sure if we are talking about the same data
# if cdataptr was == pos, then we'd be cool, because
# we're dealing with the same data.
# Because they aren't equal, we have to dig deeper
# Let's see if data to be undone and current data
# are the same. If not, we'll have to decide whether
# we should try conflict resolution.
if (
# The current record wrote a new pickle
cdataptr == tipos
# Backpointers are different
self._loadBackPOS(oid, pos) !=
self._loadBackPOS(oid, cdataptr)
if pre and not tpos:
copy = 0 # we'll try to do conflict resolution
# We bail if:
# - We don't have a previous record, which should
# be impossible.
raise UndoError("no previous record", oid)
data_to_be_undone = self._loadBack_impl(oid, pos)[0]
if not current_data:
current_data = self._loadBack_impl(oid, cdataptr)[0]
if data_to_be_undone != current_data:
# OK, so the current data is different from
# the data being undone. We can't just copy:
copy = False
if not pre:
# The transaction we're undoing has no
# previous state to merge with, so we
# can't resolve a conflict.
raise UndoError(
"Can't undo an add transaction followed by"
" conflicting transactions.", oid)
except KeyError:
# LoadBack gave us a key error. Bail.
raise UndoError("_loadBack() failed", oid)
# Return the data that should be written in the undo record.
if not pre:
# There is no previous revision, because the object creation
# is being undone.
# We're undoing object addition. We're doing this because
# subsequent transactions has no net effect on the state
# (possibly because some of them were undos).
return "", 0, ipos
if copy:
......@@ -875,12 +896,14 @@ class FileStorage(
return "", pre, ipos
bdata = self._loadBack_impl(oid, pre)[0]
pre_data = self._loadBack_impl(oid, pre)[0]
except KeyError:
# couldn't find oid; what's the real explanation for this?
raise UndoError("_loadBack() failed for %s", oid)
data = self.tryToResolveConflict(oid, ctid, tid, bdata, cdata)
data = self.tryToResolveConflict(
oid, ctid, tid, pre_data, current_data)
return data, 0, ipos
except ConflictError:
......@@ -1002,7 +1025,8 @@ class FileStorage(
# We're undoing a blob modification operation.
# We have to copy the blob data
tmp = mktemp(dir=self.fshelper.temp_dir)
with self.openCommittedBlobFile(h.oid, userial) as sfp:
with self.openCommittedBlobFile(
h.oid, userial) as sfp:
with open(tmp, 'wb') as dfp:
cp(sfp, dfp)
self._blob_storeblob(h.oid, self._tid, tmp)
......@@ -1237,7 +1261,8 @@ class FileStorage(
if len(line) != 16:
raise ValueError("Bad record in ", self.blob_dir, '.removed')
raise ValueError(
"Bad record in ", self.blob_dir, '.removed')
oid, tid = line[:8], line[8:]
path = fshelper.getBlobFilename(oid, tid)
......@@ -801,3 +801,25 @@ class TransactionalUndoStorage:
def checkIndicesInUndoLog(self):
def checkUndoMultipleConflictResolution(self, reverse=False):
from .ConflictResolution import PCounter
db = DB(self._storage)
with db.transaction() as conn:
conn.root.x = PCounter()
for i in range(4):
with db.transaction() as conn:
ids = [l['id'] for l in db.undoLog(1, 3)]
if reverse:
ids = list(reversed(ids))
def checkUndoMultipleConflictResolutionReversed(self):
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