babel 0.10 (unreleased)

  * Implemented the ability to automatically export local addresses (see
    the ``local'' keyword in redistribute specifications).  This should
    avoid the need to explicitly specify -X on the command line
    (Julien Cristau and Juliusz Chroboczek).
  * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: local routes (local interface addresses) are
    now exported by default.  Specify ``redistribute local deny'' to
    avoid that.
  * Babel will now automatically choose a router id if none is
    specified on the command line.
  * Automatically adapt to interfaces appearing or disappearing at runtime,
    as is usually the case when running over tunnels or VPNs.
  * Changed the link quality computation algorithm to not discard very
    lossy links.
  * Added ability to run as a daemon.

14 February 2008: babel 0.9

  * Implemented a proper configuration language to specify input and
    output filters and redistribution policies.
  * Incompatible change: the flags -4, -x and -c are no longer supported.

8 February 2008: babel 0.8

  * Babel will now automatically check for interfaces' up/down status,
    IPv4 address, and optionally for carrier sense.
  * Implemented the -w option, which disables all optimisations for
    wired interfaces.
  * Implemented support for non-default routing tables.
  * Fixed a bug that could spuriously remove IPv4 routes (thanks to
    Julien Cristau).

3 January 2008: babel 0.7

  * Implemented support for IPv4.
  * Fixed sending of unicast requests.
  * Don't send poison when receiving a request for an unknown route.
  * Basic filtering infrastructure.
  * Removed support for broadcast IHU.
  * Changed the behaviour of -d.

16 October 2007: babel 0.6

  * Implemented resending of unsatisfied requests, with exponential backoff.
  * Fixed a potential crash in the request handling code.
  * Send IHUs more aggressively.

9 October 2007: babel 0.5

  * Implemented forwarding of requests and replies.
  * Fixed a bug that prevented requests from being parsed correctly.
  * Fixed a bug that prevented IHU intervals from being sent.
  * Respect reboot_time even after an id change.
  * Deal with neighbours rebooting and losing their hello seqno when
    computing link quality.

23 September 2007: babel 0.4

  * Fixed incorrect expiration of old sources.  This could prevent
    convergence in some cases.

16 September 2007: babel 0.3

  * Fixes to Mac OS X support (Grégoire Henry).

29 August 2007: babel 0.2

  * Made jitter computation depend on how urgent a given message is.
    This dramatically improves convergence speed, without increasing
    network load.
  * Fixed a bug that prevented neighbour associations from being
    discarded at shutdown.

22 August 2007: babel 0.1

  * Initial public release.