Commit 04e37107 authored by Juliusz Chroboczek's avatar Juliusz Chroboczek

Update CHANGES for 1.4.2.

parent 594de732
* Allow all options to be set from the configuration file.
* Fix a bug that causes the wrong route to be uninstalled at
shutdown -- this avoids spurious updates being sent when shutting
down. (Thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
19 June 2013: babeld-1.4.2
* Extensive changes to the configuration parser. It is now possible
to set all command-line options from the configuration file, and
to specify default values for interface parameters.
* Allow redistributing routes from multiple kernel tables. Thanks
to Toke Høiland-Jørgensen.
* Fix some whitespace issues in the configuration parser.
* Fix a bug in the configuration parser that could give wrong values
to some exotic interface parameters (channel and faraway).
* Fix a bug that could cause some extra traffic at shutdown. Thanks
to Matthieu Boutier.
* Under Linux, set rp_filter explicitly for all interfaces. This
avoids mysterious routing failures on distributions that set
rp_filter by default. Reported by Baptiste Jonglez.
19 June 2013: babeld-1.3.8
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