Commit 05f8ea41 authored by Juliusz Chroboczek's avatar Juliusz Chroboczek


parent 6c8fee00
babeld-1.8.3 (unreleased)
* Fixed a read-only two byte buffer overflow in the packet parser.
This is a read-only overflow, and hence most probably not exploitable.
* Fixed an issue with creating unreachable routes on recent kernels
(4.16 and up). Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Notice interface changes faster by listening to more netlink events.
Thanks to Christof Schulze.
* Fixed a local interface issue when an interface has no link-local
address. Thanks to Christof Schulze.
12 May 2018: babeld-1.8.2
* Fixed a bug that prevented redistribution of IPv4 routes. Thanks to
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