Commit 633b5720 authored by Juliusz Chroboczek's avatar Juliusz Chroboczek

Do not send multihop requests when a route's metric increases.

This is sometimes useful after a mobility event, but it increases the
amount of control traffic when a route is unstable.  Let the periodic
update take care of mobility.
parent 04b66b4b
......@@ -1120,14 +1120,7 @@ send_triggered_update(struct babel_route *route, struct source *oldsrc,
route->src->src_prefix, route->src->src_plen);
if(oldmetric < INFINITY) {
if(newmetric >= oldmetric + 512) {
send_request_resend(NULL, route->src->prefix, route->src->plen,
route->src->src_prefix, route->src->src_plen,
route->src->metric >= INFINITY ?
route->src->seqno :
seqno_plus(route->src->seqno, 1),
} else if(newmetric >= oldmetric + 288) {
if(newmetric >= oldmetric + 288) {
send_request(NULL, route->src->prefix, route->src->plen,
route->src->src_prefix, route->src->src_plen);
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