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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ If compiling for OpenWRT, you will probably want to say something like
$ make CC=mipsel-linux-gcc PLATFORM_DEFINES='-march=mips32'
Setting up a network for use with Babel
Setting up an IPv6 network for use with Babel
1. Choose a prefix
......@@ -98,4 +98,74 @@ may want to consider autoconfiguring your routing domain using AHCP:
Setting up an IPv4 network for use with Babel
1. Choose an IPv4 address for every node
Unless you already have a numbering plan in place, you will probably
want to choose adresses in
Of course, the IPv4 address for each node must be unique in your network.
2. Set up the interfaces
$ iwconfig eth1 mode ad-hoc channel 11
$ iwconfig eth essid "my-wireless-network"
You will need to manually number all of the interfaces that
participate in IPv4 routing -- unlike IPv6, IPv4 routing doesn't
support unnumbered interfaces.
# ip link set eth1 up
# ip addr add $IPv4 dev eth1
You don't need to set a netmask -- the default netmask of /32
( is fine for use with Babel. Also note that you may
set the same IPv4 address on all interfaces of a given node.
2. Start the routing daemon
# babel -4 -X $IPv4 0 $IPv4 eth1
On a network gateway, you will want to redistribute the default route:
# babel -4 -X $IPv4 0 -X 128 $IPv4 eth0 eth1
Note that ``-x'' doesn't work for IPv4 yet; use ``-X'' instead.
Setting up a dual-stack network for use with Babel
Babel is designed to efficiently route both IPv6 and IPv4 at the same
time; a single route update may contain both IPv6 and IPv4 routes.
On an ordinary node, you will run Babel as
# babel -4 -X $IPv6 0 -X $IPv4 0 $IPv6 eth1
on an IPv6 gateway,
# babel -4 -X $IPv6 0 -X $IPv4 0 -x ::/0 128 $IPv6 eth1
on an IPv4 gateway,
# babel -4 -X $IPv6 0 -X $IPv4 0 -X 128 $IPv6 eth1
and on a gateway to both the IPv6 and IPv4 Internets,
# babel -4 -X $IPv6 0 -X $IPv4 0 -x ::/0 128 -X 128 $IPv6 eth1
If you use ahcpd, you will want to add the following to
-4 -X 0
Juliusz Chroboczek
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