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16 October 2007: babel 0.6
* Implemented resending of unsatisfied requests, with exponential backoff.
* Fixed a potential crash in the request handling code.
* Send IHUs more aggressively.
9 October 2007: babel 0.5
* Implemented forwarding of requests and replies.
* Fixed a bug that prevented requests from being parsed correctly.
* Fixed a bug that prevented IHU intervals from being sent.
* Respect reboot_time even after an id change.
* Deal with neighbours rebooting and losing their hello seqno when
computing link quality.
......@@ -33,7 +27,6 @@
* Made jitter computation depend on how urgent a given message is.
This dramatically improves convergence speed, without increasing
network load.
* Fixed a bug that prevented neighbour associations from being
discarded at shutdown.
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