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Document lack of -X.

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......@@ -87,26 +87,6 @@ is 0.
Listen for connections from a front-end on port
.IR port .
.BI \-X " network cost"
Unconditionally advertise a route for the given network or host with
the given cost.
.I Network
should be either the string
.BR default ,
or a network specification in CIDR notation
.IB prefix / length.
.I length
is omitted, it defaults to 128 (a host route).
.I Cost
should either be a 16-bit unsigned integer, or the string
.B infinity
which specifies a blackhole route (see
.I Metrics
below). This option should not be used, as
it may cause persistent routing loops. Redistributing a static route
is a safer alternative.
.BI \-t " table"
Use the given kernel routing table for routes inserted by Babel.
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