Version 0.10.13

parent a674c005
0.10.13 (April 18, 2018)
- New third-party plugin: supervisor
- Updated QUIC
- proxy: Fix transparent pass-thru of X-Forwarded-For
- proxy: Configurable timeout to upstream
- rewrite: Now supports regular expressions on single-line
- tls: StrictHostMatching mode to prevent client auth bypass
- tls: Disable client auth when using QUIC
- tls: Require same client auth cert pools per hostname
- tls: Prevent On-Demand TLS directory traversal
- tls: Fix empty files when using ACME fails to obtain cert
- Fixed test broken by resolving
- Improved Caddyfile parser robustness by fuzzing
0.10.12 (March 27, 2018)
- Switch to Let's Encrypt ACMEv2 production endpoint
- Support for automated wildcard certificates
CADDY 0.10.12
CADDY 0.10.13
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