Commit 34585419 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

shell/ Give precedence to CAUCASE_PYTHON.

If environment points us at a specific python interpreter, use it to run
caucased, even if caucased is present reachable from PATH.
parent ad4af0ae
......@@ -1199,11 +1199,11 @@ EOF
exit 1
echo 'Automated testing...'
if command -v caucased > /dev/null; then
elif [ "x${CAUCASE_PYTHON:-}" != "x" ] && [ -x "$CAUCASE_PYTHON" ]; then
if [ "x${CAUCASE_PYTHON:-}" != "x" ] && [ -x "$CAUCASE_PYTHON" ]; then
# Used when ran from python caucase.test
elif command -v caucased > /dev/null; then
echo 'caucased not found in PATH, cannot run tests' >&2
return 1
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