Commit 666c24cd authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

cli.updater: Reduce verbosity when getting network errors.

Show the error message without a traceback.
parent c91a8bb4
......@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ import os
import socket
import struct
import sys
import traceback
from cryptography import x509
from cryptography.hazmat.backends import default_backend
from . import exceptions
......@@ -70,10 +69,14 @@ class RetryingCaucaseClient(CaucaseClient):
) as exception:
connection.close() # Resets HTTPConnection state machine.
print('Got a network error, retrying in a bit...')
# Note: repr(str(exception)) is nicer than repr(exception), without
# letting non-printable characters through.
print('Got a network error, retrying in a bit: %s: %r' % (
self._until( + datetime.timedelta(0, 10))
_cryptography_backend = default_backend()
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