Commit 88e9b8d0 authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

http.manage: Fix passphrase prompt caption in --import-ca .

parent 3f04238d
......@@ -1013,11 +1013,11 @@ def manage(argv=None, stdout=sys.stdout):
import_ca_dict = defaultdict(
(lambda: {'crt': None, 'key': None, 'from': []}),
for import_ca in args.import_ca:
with open(import_ca, 'rb') as ca_file:
for import_ca_path in args.import_ca:
with open(import_ca_path, 'rb') as ca_file:
ca_data =
for index, component in enumerate(pem.parse(ca_data)):
name = '%r, block %i' % (import_ca, index)
name = '%r, block %i' % (import_ca_path, index)
if isinstance(component, pem.Certificate):
component_name = 'crt'
component_value = x509.load_pem_x509_certificate(
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