Commit 1a848667 authored by gsamain's avatar gsamain Committed by Xavier Thompson

pthread tag for runtests script

parent f7e77cdc
......@@ -295,6 +295,14 @@ def update_cpp11_extension(ext):
def update_pthread_extension(ext):
use pthread to link and compile on platform which supports it
if sys.platform in ('linux', 'linux2', 'freebsd', 'netbsd', 'openbsd'):
# FIXME: this check on the platform is hacky
def get_cc_version(language):
......@@ -379,6 +387,7 @@ EXT_EXTRAS = {
'tag:openmp': update_openmp_extension,
'tag:cpp11': update_cpp11_extension,
'tag:trace' : update_linetrace_extension,
'tag:pthread': update_pthread_extension,
'tag:bytesformat': exclude_extension_in_pyver((3, 3), (3, 4)), # no %-bytes formatting
'tag:no-macos': exclude_extension_on_platform('darwin'),
'tag:py3only': exclude_extension_in_pyver((2, 7)),
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