Commit 1ed9056d authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Add unit test against ambiguously generated C++ calls of overloaded methods

parent 0d357b3e
# mode: run
# tag: cpp, cpp11
# cython: experimental_cpp_class_def=True, language_level=2
cdef cppclass A:
int foo(int a = 0):
# always return odd result
return 2 * a + 1
int foo(int* a):
# always return even result
if a:
return 2 * a[0]
return 0
def test_ambiguous_overloading():
>>> test_ambiguous_overloading()
b = new A()
# This turns into a C++ call to the first "foo" method with a NULL argument
# (no argument passed to a method with default-value parameter)
# This "NULL" needs to be correctly cast, otherwise the call is ambiguous:
# it could be the second "foo" method with a NULL pointer.
# In that case the generated C++ would not compile.
r =
# Check that the correct "foo" method was called and returned expected result.
return r
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