Commit 233e5438 authored by Robert Bradshaw's avatar Robert Bradshaw

Bump version number again.

parent 3cb5e54e
......@@ -34,3 +34,4 @@ ef9d2c680684d0df7d81f529cda29e9e1741f575 cython-0.10.1
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sage-cythonizes
478f57be445d18fe294db849d7ad317fe7d7658f 0.14.alpha0
31b531a6c45b2c34ae5a1af8a2c09f152adea60d 0.14.beta1
7fa84cb6d3d75eb3d015aeeb60bf8b642171fe93 0.14.beta2
__version__ = "0.14.beta1"
__version__ = "0.14.beta2"
# Void cython.* directives (for case insensitive operating systems).
from Cython.Shadow import *
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