Commit 2575a500 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Avoid unnecessary reference counting around locks

parent a80ce036
......@@ -14262,14 +14262,19 @@ class CoerceToTempNode(CoercionNode):
class CoerceToLockedNode(CoercionNode):
# This node is used to lock a node of cypclass type around the evaluation of its subexpressions.
# exclusive boolean
# exclusive boolean
# needs_decref boolean used internally
def __init__(self, arg, env=None, exclusive=True):
self.exclusive = exclusive
self.type = arg.type
arg = arg.coerce_to_temp(env)
arg.postpone_subexpr_disposal = True
temp_arg = arg.coerce_to_temp(env)
temp_arg.postpone_subexpr_disposal = True
# Avoid incrementing the reference count when assigning to the temporary
# but ensure it will be decremented if it was already incremented previously.
self.needs_decref = not temp_arg.use_managed_ref
temp_arg.use_managed_ref = False
def result(self):
return self.arg.result()
......@@ -14307,8 +14312,12 @@ class CoerceToLockedNode(CoercionNode):
def generate_disposal_code(self, code):
# Close the scope to release the lock.
# Dispose of subexpressions.
# Dispose of and free subexpressions.
# Decref only if previously incref-ed.
if self.needs_decref:
code.put_xdecref_clear(self.result(), self.ctype(), have_gil=not self.in_nogil_context)
class ProxyNode(CoercionNode):
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