Commit 29329ec1 authored by Robert Bradshaw's avatar Robert Bradshaw

better ordering of cache files

parent 4e14153d
......@@ -646,7 +646,7 @@ def cythonize_one(pyx_file, c_file, fingerprint, quiet, options=None):
# Cython-generated c files are highly compressible.
# (E.g. a compression ratio of about 10 for Sage).
fingerprint_file = os.path.join(
options.cache, fingerprint + '-' + os.path.basename(c_file) + '.gz')
options.cache, "%s-%s.gz" % (os.path.basename(c_file), fingerprint)
if os.path.exists(fingerprint_file):
if not quiet:
print("Found compiled %s in cache" % pyx_file)
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