Commit 41c102b0 authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Improve implementation of qualified cypclass types

parent 45f6afe3
......@@ -4572,6 +4572,8 @@ class CypClassType(CppClassType):
is_cyp_class = 1
to_py_function = None
from_py_function = None
qualifier = None
qual_base_type = None
def __init__(self, name, scope, cname, base_classes, templates=None, template_type=None, nogil=0, activable=False):
CppClassType.__init__(self, name, scope, cname, base_classes, templates, template_type, nogil)
......@@ -4582,6 +4584,13 @@ class CypClassType(CppClassType):
self._wrapped_base_type = None
self._qualified_types = {}
def set_scope(self, scope):
super(CypClassType, self).set_scope(scope)
if scope and self._qualified_types:
from .Symtab import qualified_cypclass_scope
for qualifier, qualified_type in self._qualified_types.items():
qualified_type.scope = qualified_cypclass_scope(scope, qualifier)
# iterate over the direct bases that support wrapping
def iter_wrapped_base_types(self):
for base_type in self.base_classes:
......@@ -4835,7 +4844,7 @@ class ConstCypclassType(BaseType):
class QualifiedCypclassType(BaseType):
"A qualified cypclass reference"
# qualifier string the qualifier keyword: ('active' | 'iso' | 'iso~' | 'iso->' )
# qualifier string the qualifier keyword
subtypes = ['qual_base_type']
......@@ -4846,6 +4855,7 @@ class QualifiedCypclassType(BaseType):
from_py_function = None
assignable_to = {
None: (None, 'iso~'),
'active': ('active', 'iso~'),
'iso': ('iso~',),
'iso~': (),
......@@ -4857,28 +4867,22 @@ class QualifiedCypclassType(BaseType):
def __new__(cls, base_type, qualifier):
# The qualified type is cached in the unqualified type to avoid duplicates.
assert base_type.is_cyp_class
base_type = base_type.qual_base_type or base_type
return base_type._qualified_types[qualifier]
qualified_type = base_type._qualified_types[qualifier]
except KeyError:
if base_type.is_qualified_cyp_class:
base_type = base_type.qual_base_type
qualified_type = BaseType.__new__(cls)
qualified_type.__init__(base_type, qualifier)
qualified_type.qual_base_type = base_type
qualified_type.qualifier = qualifier
base_type._qualified_types[qualifier] = qualified_type
return qualified_type
def __init__(self, base_type, qualifier):
assert base_type.is_cyp_class
self.qual_base_type = base_type
self.qualifier = qualifier
if qualifier == 'active':
# TODO: raise a proper compilation error.
assert base_type.activable
if base_type.scope is not None:
from .Symtab import qualified_cypclass_scope
self.scope = qualified_cypclass_scope(base_type.scope, qualifier)
if qualifier == 'active':
# TODO: raise a proper compilation error.
assert base_type.activable
if base_type.scope:
from .Symtab import qualified_cypclass_scope
qualified_type.scope = qualified_cypclass_scope(base_type.scope, qualifier)
return qualified_type
def __repr__(self):
return "<QualifiedCypclassType %r>" % self.qual_base_type
......@@ -4946,8 +4950,8 @@ class QualifiedCypclassType(BaseType):
return 1
if src_type.is_null_ptr:
return 1
if src_type.is_qualified_cyp_class and src_type.qualifier in self.assignable_to[self.qualifier]:
return self.qual_base_type.assignable_from_resolved_type(src_type.qual_base_type)
if src_type.is_cyp_class and src_type.qualifier in self.assignable_to[self.qualifier]:
return self.qual_base_type.assignable_from_resolved_type(src_type.qual_base_type or src_type)
return 0
def same_as(self, other_type):
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