Commit 760e7b24 authored by Stefan Behnel's avatar Stefan Behnel

Added tag 0.21.2 for changeset ab1a3afb8775

parent efdbeef3
......@@ -52,3 +52,4 @@ c1a18ab6b0808e87f68d2f9d914c01934510aef5 0.18b1
58fc9a3feb83f571623a492256885d21945decb4 0.21.1
58fc9a3feb83f571623a492256885d21945decb4 0.21.1
d05a4acd45fca9bdc12cef82890ca569fbaae1a5 0.21.1
ab1a3afb8775a09d37c0d478476987eee8e734a6 0.21.2
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