Commit af997e97 authored by da-woods's avatar da-woods Committed by Stefan Behnel

Documented annotation_typing compiler option (#3232)

parent 64b674f4
......@@ -859,6 +859,12 @@ Cython code. Here is the list of currently supported directives:
asyncio before Python 3.5. This directive can be applied in modules or
selectively as decorator on an async-def coroutine to make the affected
coroutine(s) iterable and thus directly interoperable with yield-from.
``annotation_typing`` (True / False)
Uses function argument annotations to determine the type of variables. Default
is True, but can be disabled. Since Python does not enforce types given in
annotations, setting to False gives greater compatibility with Python code.
Must be set globally.
.. _configurable_optimisations:
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