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Note on references and C++ container iteration.

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......@@ -500,6 +500,16 @@ The items in the containers are converted to a corresponding type
automatically, which includes recursively converting containers
inside of containers, e.g. a C++ vector of maps of strings.
Iteration over stl containers (or indeed any class with ``begin()`` and
``end()`` methods returning an object supporting incrementing, dereferencing,
and comparison) is supported via the ``for .. in`` syntax (including in list
comprehensions). For example, one can write::
cdef vector[int] v = ...
for value in v:
return [x in v if x % 2 == 0]
Simplified wrapping with default constructor
......@@ -606,6 +616,16 @@ you can declare it using the Python @staticmethod decorator, i.e.::
void do_something()
Declaring/Using References
Cython supports declaring lvalue references using the standard ``Type&`` syntax.
Note, however, that it is unnecessary to declare the arguments of extern
functions as references (const or otherwise) as it has no impact on the
caller's syntax.
Caveats and Limitations
......@@ -623,11 +643,6 @@ module which:
* contains minimal forwarding functions in C++, each of which calls the
respective pure-C function
Declaring/Using References
Question: How do you declare and call a function that takes a reference as an argument?
C++ left-values
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