Commit c08d22ce authored by Haoyu Bai's avatar Haoyu Bai

more tests

parent d1c5392e
......@@ -2,3 +2,9 @@ cimport cython
cdef foo(egg)
cdef foo_defval(egg=*)
cpdef cpfoo(egg=*)
import cython
# @cython.locals(x=double)
# cdef func_defval(x=0):
# return x**2
def foo(egg):
if not cython.compiled:
egg = float(egg)
return egg
def foo_defval(egg=1):
if not cython.compiled:
egg = float(egg)
return egg**2
def cpfoo(egg=False):
if not cython.compiled:
egg = bool(egg)
v = int(not egg)
v = not egg
return egg, v
def test_pxd_locals():
>>> isinstance(test_pxd_locals(), float)
>>> v1, v2, v3 = test_pxd_locals()
>>> isinstance(v1, float)
>>> isinstance(v2, float)
>>> v3
(True, 0)
return foo(1)
return foo(1), foo_defval(), cpfoo(1)
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