Commit ead8f773 authored by Stefan Behnel's avatar Stefan Behnel

repair compile time evaluation of complex numbers

parent 99c86175
......@@ -1649,15 +1649,15 @@ class IdentifierStringNode(StringNode):
class ImagNode(AtomicExprNode):
# Imaginary number literal
# value float imaginary part
# value string imaginary part (float value)
type = PyrexTypes.c_double_complex_type
def calculate_constant_result(self):
self.constant_result = complex(0.0, self.value)
self.constant_result = complex(0.0, float(self.value))
def compile_time_value(self, denv):
return complex(0.0, self.value)
return complex(0.0, float(self.value))
def analyse_types(self, env):
......@@ -771,6 +771,15 @@ def wrap_compile_time_constant(pos, value):
return ExprNodes.IntNode(pos, value=rep, constant_result=value)
elif isinstance(value, float):
return ExprNodes.FloatNode(pos, value=rep, constant_result=value)
elif isinstance(value, complex):
node = ExprNodes.ImagNode(pos, value=repr(value.imag), constant_result=complex(0.0, value.imag))
if value.real:
# FIXME: should we care about -0.0 ?
# probably not worth using the '-' operator for negative imag values
node = ExprNodes.binop_node(
pos, '+', ExprNodes.FloatNode(pos, value=repr(value.real), constant_result=value.real), node,
return node
elif isinstance(value, _unicode):
return ExprNodes.UnicodeNode(pos, value=EncodedString(value))
elif isinstance(value, _bytes):
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ from cpython.object cimport Py_EQ, Py_NE
cimport cython
DEF C21 = 2-1j
cdef class Complex3j:
......@@ -137,15 +139,17 @@ def test_coercion(int a, float b, double c, float complex d, double complex e):
def test_compare(double complex a, double complex b):
>>> test_compare(3, 3)
(True, False, False, False, False, True)
(True, False, False, False, False, True, False)
>>> test_compare(3j, 3j)
(True, False, True, True, True, False)
(True, False, True, True, True, False, False)
>>> test_compare(3j, 4j)
(False, True, True, False, True, True)
(False, True, True, False, True, True, False)
>>> test_compare(3, 4)
(False, True, False, False, False, True)
(False, True, False, False, False, True, False)
>>> test_compare(2-1j, 4)
(False, True, False, False, False, True, True)
return a == b, a != b, a == 3j, 3j == b, a == Complex3j(), Complex3j() != b
return a == b, a != b, a == 3j, 3j == b, a == Complex3j(), Complex3j() != b, a == C21
def test_compare_coerce(double complex a, int b):
......@@ -165,9 +169,10 @@ def test_compare_coerce(double complex a, int b):
def test_literal():
>>> test_literal()
(5j, (1-2.5j))
(5j, (1-2.5j), (2-1j))
return 5j, 1-2.5j
return 5j, 1-2.5j, C21
def test_real_imag(double complex z):
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