Commit f7e77cdc authored by gsamain's avatar gsamain Committed by Xavier Thompson

Make declaration of cypclass methods work when declaring without defining a...

Make declaration of cypclass methods work when declaring without defining a pointer type as return type
parent 7427f3de
......@@ -1391,28 +1391,35 @@ class CVarDefNode(StatNode):
if type.is_reference and self.visibility != 'extern':
error(declarator.pos, "C++ references cannot be declared; use a pointer instead")
cfunc_declarator = declarator
if type.is_cfunction:
while not isinstance(cfunc_declarator, (CFuncDeclaratorNode, CNameDeclaratorNode)):
cfunc_declarator = cfunc_declarator.base
if isinstance(cfunc_declarator, CNameDeclaratorNode):
# It's probably a typedef'ed attribute, in which case the self
# handling has already been done, so skip all self hacks.
cfunc_declarator = None
if 'staticmethod' in env.directives:
type.is_static_method = True
elif name in ("__new__", "__alloc__") and\
elif cfunc_declarator and name in ("__new__", "__alloc__") and\
env.is_cpp_class_scope and env.parent_type.is_cyp_class:
type.is_static_method = True
if declarator.skipped_self:
_name, _type, _pos, _arg = declarator.skipped_self
if cfunc_declarator.skipped_self:
_name, _type, _pos, _arg = cfunc_declarator.skipped_self
if name == "__new__":
_type = PyrexTypes.CPtrType(PyrexTypes.CFuncType(_type, [], nogil=1))
# aka _type = {class_type} (*f)() nogil
reinjected_arg = PyrexTypes.CFuncTypeArg(_name, _type, _pos)
type.args = [reinjected_arg] + type.args
declarator.args = [_arg] + declarator.args
cfunc_declarator.args = [_arg] + cfunc_declarator.args
elif name == "__alloc__":
# Force __alloc__ to have the signature:
# {class_type} f() nogil
type.return_type = _type
type.args = []
declarator.args = []
declarator.skipped_self = None
cfunc_declarator.args = []
cfunc_declarator.skipped_self = None
self.entry = dest_scope.declare_cfunction(
name, type, declarator.pos,
......@@ -1423,8 +1430,8 @@ class CVarDefNode(StatNode):
if create_extern_wrapper:
self.entry.create_wrapper = True
if env.is_cpp_class_scope and env.parent_type.is_cyp_class\
and not declarator.skipped_self and not type.is_static_method:
if cfunc_declarator and type.is_cfunction and env.is_cpp_class_scope and env.parent_type.is_cyp_class\
and not cfunc_declarator.skipped_self and not type.is_static_method:
# It means we have a cypclass method without the self argument
# => shout
error(self.pos, "Cypclass methods must have a self argument")
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