Commit fd455597 authored by Stefan Behnel's avatar Stefan Behnel

add test for utility code inclusion in conversion of external structs

parent 7004806a
Note: this tests if the necessary utility code is included in the module env,
despite potentially being already created before.
cdef extern from "struct_conversion_extern_header.h":
cdef struct my_date_t:
int year
int month
int day
def test_extern_struct():
>>> test_extern_struct()
[('day', 24), ('month', 6), ('year', 2000)]
cdef my_date_t day = my_date_t(year=2000, month=6, day=24)
cdef object d = day
assert type(d) is dict
assert d == day
return sorted(day.items())
struct my_date_t {
int year;
int month;
int day;
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