1. 29 Oct, 2009 8 commits
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    • Lisandro Dalcin's avatar
      fix testcase · 2a11ce58
      Lisandro Dalcin authored
    • Robert Bradshaw's avatar
      Better makefile clean. · 16b10af2
      Robert Bradshaw authored
      Bug and fix reported by Mark Lodato.
    • Mark Lodato's avatar
      --embed mode: fix Py3, floating point on FreeBSD · 8c10c852
      Mark Lodato authored
      Incorporate the changes of cython_freeze:
      * fix when compiling on Python 3 (Issue #434)
      * fix floating point issues on FreeBSD
    • Mark Lodato's avatar
      freeze: fix for compiling with Python3 · e26883a6
      Mark Lodato authored
      To get the output of cython_freeze to compile with both Python 2 and
      Python 3, I copied the contents of Python-3.1.1/Modules/python.c, with
      some slight modifications.  The main issue is that Python 3 uses
      wchar_t, while Python 2 uses char.  It also appears that the
      Py_FlushLine/PyErr_Clear is not needed in Python 3.
      Related to #434: "main() function generated by --embed doesn't compile
      in Py3"
    • Mark Lodato's avatar
      freeze: exit(2) in examples, to test exit code · 0c2f9b06
      Mark Lodato authored
      The cython_freeze-generated executable exits with code 1 if something
      wrong happens, unless a SystemExit exception occurred, in which case it
      returns the value passed to sys.exit().  In order to differentiate
      between the two cases, change the two example Cython modules to exit(2).
    • Mark Lodato's avatar
      freeze: include FreeBSD fix from Python's main() · 41e31056
      Mark Lodato authored
      Copy the fix for floating point exceptions on FreeBSD from Python's
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