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  This is the Z MySQL database adapter product for the 
  Z Object Publishing Environment.
  ** NOTE **

  Note that the Z MySQL database adapter is compatible with MySQL
  versions 3.22 and later (including MySQL 3.23).
  This product is distributed as a NON-BINARY release!
  This product requires compiled Python extensions that are
  NOT included as a binary with this release. You must build
  or install the required extensions using the instructions 
  below before the product will work properly!

    The Z MySQL database adapter uses the MySQLdb package.  
    This must be installed before you can use the Z MySQL DA.
    You can find this at::

    You need at least version 0.9.0. If you are compiling this
    yourself, you must use the same python executable as your
    Zope installation uses, otherwise Zope will not find it.

  Connection Strings
    The connection string used for Z MySQL Database Connection
    are of the form::

       database[@host[:port]] [user [password [unix_socket]]]

    or typically just::

       database user password

    to use the default server.