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    simulation: improve equivalence testers explanations messages · b4361eb8
    Sebastien Robin authored
    With latest simulation, the explanation given to user when solving a
    divergence was not good enough :
    - Property ids were displayed without possibility to display
      business word (like displaying 'stop_date' instead of
      'Delivery Date'
    - Some message was displayed in the solve divergence dialog whatever
      was the equivalence tester behind. Therefore, customizations of
      messages made a equivalence tester level were not displayed to user
    Therefore, following was done:
    - in solve divergence dialog, include the message generated by the
      equivalence tester
    - use tested_property_title to allow using business words to describe
      properties having divergence
    - most equivalence testers are written in a way to evaluate divergence
      on a single property. To have better UI configuration of such equivalence
      testers, change tested_property and tested_property_title properties
      type from "lines" to "string". This required to add some backward
      compatible code.
    - use Variation Divergence Tester to show a case of an equivalence
      tester using different properties. For this, add a property sheet
      dedicated to multi properties equivalence testers
    - update propertysheets to allow translating tested_property_title
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