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Formulator Credits

  Martijn Faassen ( -- Main developer, design and

Many thanks go to:
  Kit Blake (kitblake at -- UI help and design help.

  Yury Don (yura at -- contributed EmailField and FloatField,
                              design and implementation help.

  Stephan Richter (srichter at -- contributed LinkField and
                              FileField. Contributed PatternChecker
                              module used by PatternField. Other 
                              design and implementation help.

  Nicola Larosa (nico at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Magnus Heino (magus.heino at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Joel Burton (jburton at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Ulrich Eck (ueck at -- much help and patience with the
                                   TALES tab.
  Dirk Datzert (Dirk.Datzert at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Max Petrich (petrich.max at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Matt Behrens (matt.behrens at -- feedback and bugfixes.

  Nikolay Kim (fafhrd at -- code inspiration for

  Godefroid Chapelle (gotcha at -- Bugfixes.

  Alan Runyan (runyaga at -- Fix to email regular expression.

  Sascha Welter (welter at -- Extensive help with email
                                           regular expression.

  Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar (robbenhaar at -- Many bugfixes
                                                        and feature
  Christian Zagrodnick (cz at -- Unicode awareness fixes and 
                                          XML entry form.

  Iutin Vyacheslav (iutin at -- am/pm feature for DateTime

  Kapil Thangavelu (k_vertigo at -- Enabled ':record' rendering.

  Pierre-Julien Grizel (grizel at -- ProductForm.

  Sébastien Robin (seb at -- more consistent ordering in XML

  Guido Wesdorp (guido at -- Added extra_item attribute on
                                      compound fields.

  Yura Petrov (ypetrov at -- Various FSForm related

  Vladimir Voznesensky (vovic at -- Enabling/disabling of fields.
  Special thanks also goes to Rik Hoekstra.

  Also a thank you to those few valiant souls who suffered through the
  bugs of ZFormulator, the previous implementation. Let's hope this
  one's better!